Full Stack Software Engineer

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LiveView OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS Tailwind

I am an Independent Software Developer with over 6 years of experience working with Elixir, seeking opportunities to collaborate with teams of like-minded creators who are committed to crafting quality software. I thrive on projects that challenge me to broaden my knowledge and maintain humility in my continuous learning journey.

Skills / Focus

Elixir, Phoenix, Liveview, OTP, Oban, Postgres, SQL, Vector databases, Docker, Agents, Embeddings, Hugging Face, Assistants API, Redis, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Motion Design, UX and UI Design.

Continuous Learning

Currently delving into The AI Engineer Path and Machine Learning in Elixir

Past experience

Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React and Next.js.

I speak fluent

Spanish, English, Portuguese.

Actively looking

Medianeira, Parana, Brazil

08:46 AM

Prefer remote

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