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As a server-side software engineer, I possess over a decade of software industry experience, with seven of those years focused on utilizing Elixir in real-world applications. Historically I have also worked in Java, Ruby, and Golang. My journey into software followed diverse careers in mortgage, automotive technology, and industrial design and I leverage things from each of those to make myself a well-rounded engineer. Valued by my colleagues, I’m recognized for effective, direct communication, a commitment to delivering high-quality results, and a talent for nurturing the growth of my peers.

Proficiency-wise, I excel both as an individual contributor and as an architect, spanning applications and systems. However, I am most impactful when I take on roles that foster collaboration and streamline processes, enabling teams to work more effectively. In terms of organizational dynamics, I actively cultivate relationships, leveraging them to champion the needs of others who may not have a voice.

My skill set encompasses distributed system architecture, integration with third-party services, API design, and transitioning monolithic structures to right-sized services. I’ve spent the past four years to crafting a highly scalable event-driven system that’s both effective and resilient.

Furthermore, I’ve co-authored “Testing Elixir” alongside Elixir Core Team member Andrea Leopardi, a publication available through Pragmatic Programmer. My commitment to knowledge-sharing extends to my role as a co-organizer of the Denver Erlang and Elixir meetup, a role I’ve embraced since 2015, and volunteering with Bruce Tate’s Elixir Chatt mentoring group.

I am excited to learn new technologies.

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