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Total of 10 years and 3 months of experience, including 2 years and 3 months in Elixir and phoenix, and 6 years in Erlang and experience in SNMP and embedded C, I am confident in my ability to contribute to your team. Throughout my career, I have worked on various projects, demonstrating my proficiency in programming languages such as Elixir, Phoenix, Erlang, JavaScript, C, and embedded C. I have experience with databases such as PostgreSQL , Mnesia, MySQL and MongoDB, and I am familiar with software engineering methodologies such as Scrum and Agile, as well as tools like GitHub and Postman. Additionally, I have worked with web technologies such as Yaws and Mochi web servers, and I have knowledge of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Solaris. In my previous roles, I have successfully contributed to projects such as the Financial Tool for Aelloy, where I added new features, modified reports and customer UI, and conducted code refactoring. I also worked on the Mystique project for BlockFi, implementing automated holiday emails and enhancing the customer UI. Furthermore, I developed the Debit Card on-ramp feature for BlockFi, allowing customers to purchase cryptocurrency using a debit card. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics from Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara Institute of Technology. I have also completed additional training, including an embedded course from United Technologies and mobile networks training from Nano Cell. I am excited about the opportunity to join Lookahead and contribute my skills and experience to drive the success of your projects.

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