Experienced staff level engineer and lead with 25 years experience delivering high traffic scalable solutions within industries like fintech, mobile messaging, hospital management.

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OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL

BlockFi - Senior Software Engineer (remote)

Skills: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, OTP, REST, JsonApi, AWS, Grafana stack, Open Telemetry BlockFi can be described as holistic platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

  • Responsible for delivery of the platform for the “first credit card that earns you Bitcoin“.
  • Led (by example) the 6 month zero to production effort to bring this product to customers.
  • Resulting in $31 million yearly run rate revenue.
  • Maintained > 99.9% service uptime throughout, notwithstanding pervasive credit card provider downtimes and issues with their API management and (non)versioning policy.
  • Played an integral part in organising architectural and design patterns used across backend.
  • Led building of flexible custom event system processing several millions of events daily, e.g. to move funds across several external services.
  • Used event system for web-hook events processing, allowing for decoupled near real-time reliable experience for our customers.
  • Built credit card rewards calculation and delivery mechanism, reusing the events system to deliver rewards to customers in a reliable and optimised manner.
  • Executed various optimisations for the financial team, allowing them to be more agile.

Inflexus - Senior Software Architect (hybrid)

Skills: Elixir, Broadway, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Grafana stack, Open Telemetry Inflexus builds mobile messaging solution PAAS. Think Twilio or Infobip for (large) scale providers/aggregators.

  • Responsible for delivery of flexible real time analytics platform, using Broadway to process live messaging data from RabbitMQ and pipe them into ElasticSearch, allowing for quick deploy of new analytics definitions.
  • Built flexible configuration live sync solution, used to sync routing and billing setup in near real-time between customer and internal systems, with no interruption for ~500 messages/sec traffic.
  • Supplemented this solution with a generic config registry, enabling configuration fetch from various sources and propagating the changes in real time throughout the system.
  • Built robust alerting and monitoring for all key systems.

ClubCollect - Senior Software Engineer (remote)

Skills: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, OTP, REST, GraphQL, Heroku ClubCollect helps clubs manage their members and handle billing in a more flexible manner.

  • Responsible for building internal payment gateway and integrating it with various online payment providers like Stripe, Adyen, Pay.nl etc.
  • Built support for processing CAMT bank statements and matching them against member payments.
  • Built provider agnostic service for delivery of member communication via SMS, email and letters.
  • Implemented internal tools for end to end testing the entire decoupled system, using GraphQL.
  • Helped improve customer facing part of the system and consolidate it’s look and feel.

Infobip - Staff Software Engineer / Team lead

Skills: Java, Node.js, React, Flux, Kafka, Storm, REST, MS SQL, Docker, Bash, Grafana, Jenkins Infobip is the global communication platform, evolved from just text messaging platform to omni channel solution. A big and complex set of products and micro services that handles large volume of data 24/7.

  • Served as Staff Engineer responsible for developing and educating on internal framework and tooling aimed at unifying front end related development for 10+ diverse teams, React & Flux based for UI with support for custom REST APIs.
  • Led team responsible for delivery of Apache Kafka & Storm based real-time customer analytics platform, thus reducing main distributed system usage by a large factor and offering continued real-time data to customers.
  • Created tooling for testing data ingestion performance and related alerts, ensuring real-time aspect is preserved with regular 10K+ messages/sec traffic and peeks reaching 30K messages/sec.
  • Developed and maintained a dozens common React components to be used as building blocks for entire set of web products.
  • Developed a low level tools allowing custom DevOps platform to consistently and reliably deploy 1000+services, Docker based or otherwise.
  • Responsible for CI environment based on Jenkins and Artifactory, authoring Jenkins plugin for a more performant Gitlab integration, shortening build times significantly and improving developer experience.
  • Lead several coding dojos and other learning activities across company.

Starfish - Senior Software Engineer

Skills: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, OTP, REST, Heroku, Grafana stack, Open Telemetry

  • Consultancy, working on internal payment system and recruiting platform build for a client.
  • Responsible for delivering user data sync between payment system and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Implementing candidate data import from various sources into recruiting platform and ElasticSearch.
  • Developed and maintained API for providers and for related web application.
  • Introduced Open Telemetry related visibility and monitoring.

Storie - Senior Software Engineer

Skills: Java, Google App Engine, Google Guice, Restlet, Jade, jQuery, SCSS

  • A video story sharing platform, with features resembling YouTube and Vimeo stories including features like liking a specific coordinate in video, offering insights into related statistics for the video creators.
  • Responsible for delivery and maintenance of web application for the underlying video service.

QiQo - Analyst, System Integrator

Skills: ERP product for factories, enabling the application of MRP method to the production process.

  • Responsible for incorporating the ERP solution into the client’s business and production process.
  • Inspected customer’s production processes and adjusted ERP procedures to support them.
  • Successfully implemented for various industries: weapons manufacturing, wood furniture making, clothing apparel and various others.

CSI Group - Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead

Skills: Visual Basic 6.0, Pervasive DB, MS SQL Proprietary hospital management system, de facto health care standard in Croatia and region.

  • Responsible for the bringing up the system from initial DOS implementation to a visually rich client server architecture and experience.
  • Created reusable framework for administration of the system, allowing simple addition of new data or document types.
  • Integrated the complete medical system successfully in 10+ hospitals.
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