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Elixir has become my weapon of choice for its uncanny ability to make quick work of delivering impressive, high-quality solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing the tool for over 8 years both solo and with teams to bring many types of products to market. I’ve architected, built and worked on platforms ranging from SaaS-style, content-driven, high-throughput financial, data-critical (where great care was given to every failure contingency, with change replay-ability) and many in between. I greatly value simple, well-documented code which is easy to follow & maintain. To this end, I often rethink and reduce solutions, sometimes extracting open source libraries. Learning new things or better ways to do them gets my juices going. Beautiful things include checked egos and always remaining open to changing one’s mind or trying a new direction. Great love for a synergistic, passionate team of folks who are striving to grow and attain the best results.

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