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LiveView Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS Tailwind

With over 15 years of experience doing full-stack development, I can help take your project to the next level. I specialize in Phoenix LiveView, having developed hundreds of components, including:

  • Command palette
  • Combobox
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Dropdown
  • TipTap Editor
  • Dialog
  • Slide Over
  • Advanced Forms
  • Image Cropper (with direct to s3 upload)
  • Toast notifications
  • Tooltips

I’ll show you advanced techniques and how to avoid pitfalls:

  • How to handle CSS animations correctly using Tailwind CSS or your CSS library of choice
  • How to build advanced JS components that integrate with Phoenix Forms
  • Tricks to avoid server roundtrips with optimistic JS interactions
  • How to make components accessible for screen readers and keyboard access using the correct attributes and JS commands
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Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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