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As a seasoned Senior Full Stack Engineer with over 6 years of comprehensive experience, I specialize in transforming complex challenges into innovative web solutions. My academic journey began at the University of Oulu, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, an educational path that solidified my foundation in software development.

My professional career commenced with a focus on full-stack responsibilities at WeBuust. There, I played a pivotal role in developing high-performance web applications, utilizing my expertise in React and Elixir. My commitment to excellence was mirrored in robust, user-friendly experiences and the integration of scalable backend systems.

Evolving in my journey, I embraced more significant challenges at Netguru. As a Web Developer, I was instrumental in designing resilient web applications, implementing Elixir-based microservices, and establishing automated testing strategies. My collaborative efforts led to the delivery of innovative solutions, significantly enhancing client satisfaction. My tenure here was marked by my dedication to resolving complex technical issues and contributing proactively to the architectural refinement of various systems.

Recently, I have been contributing my expertise to Sysart Oy, leading the front-end development with cutting-edge technologies and spearheading the architecture of RESTful APIs and backend services. My role expanded to integrating real-time features and mentoring burgeoning talents in the field, shaping the next generation of software developers.

Across all roles, my technical proficiencies have been extensive. In the realm of front-end development, I excel in leveraging technologies like React, Redux, and JavaScript. My backend skills are similarly advanced, with a focus on Elixir, the Phoenix Framework, and Node.js. I am adept in database systems including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis, and proficient in crafting RESTful APIs and real-time web applications. My expertise extends to automated testing, version control with Git, and deploying solutions on cloud platforms like GCP and Azure.

What truly sets me apart is not just my ability to navigate complex coding challenges, but my commitment to collaborative environments. I thrive in cross-functional roles, bringing teams together to drive project success, and I am deeply invested in agile methodologies that prioritize adaptability and customer satisfaction. My leadership and mentorship skills are evidenced by my dedication to nurturing junior engineers, guiding them through code reviews, and instilling best practices in software development.

As I look forward to new challenges and opportunities, my goal remains to leverage my full-stack development expertise. I am eager to contribute to projects that push the boundaries of technology and user experience, continuing my journey of professional growth and innovative problem-solving.

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