Software Engineer with 5+ years of Elixir and Erlang

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DevOps Erlang OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL

Backend-focused software engineer with 5+ years of experience working on and building fault-tolerant and/or distributed services in Elixir and Erlang, and an interest in functional languages in general. Striving for clean and testable code, fan of TDD and pair programming, keen on good semantics and developer experience. Big believer in knowledge sharing, have mentored junior engineers.

Outside work I find joy in learning things and don’t spend a day without reading an article, watching a lecture or finding another way to broaden my horizons. Linguistics, geography, architecture and urban planning are some of my favourite subjects, so naturally I like to travel around: 38 countries and counting.

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Skanör, Skåne, Sweden

02:36 PM

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