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My journey to becoming a Software Engineer is a rich tapestry of diverse experiences, highlighting a fusion of finance, accounting, and software engineering. This unique amalgamation equips me with a distinctive perspective that sets me apart in the tech industry.

I began my career at JP Morgan Chase & Co., where I played a pivotal role as a Fund Accounting Specialist, investigating and resolving accounting mismatches, incorrect transactions, and complex account reconciliations. I also generated financial reports for multiple portfolio investors, further cementing my understanding of the financial domain.

My journey continued as I transitioned to SS&C Advent, where I specialized in software technical support for Geneva, a critical software platform for portfolio management and fund accounting. In this role, I addressed a wide range of technical support cases, ensuring the smooth operation of financial software. I collaborated closely with product managers, engineering teams, and QA teams to resolve critical client issues.

Next, I took my expertise to Oracle NetSuite, focusing on software technical support for NetSuite, an advanced business software suite. I consistently earned high client reviews for my exceptional support in areas such as Basic Accounting, Advanced Accounting, and SuiteCloud. This phase not only refined my technical skills but also emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction and the necessity of addressing client needs promptly.

I then joined PDAX, where my role extended to creating new payment channels for both cash in and cash out. I maintained the cash in and cash out servers, ensuring the smooth and secure processing of financial transactions. I also took the initiative to improve the frontend user interface for payments, enhancing the user experience for clients.

Transitioning to LawAdvisor Ventures marked a significant shift. Here, I fully embraced my potential as a software engineer, delving into Elixir and the Phoenix Framework. My expertise allowed me to spearhead the development of groundbreaking features and implement advanced techniques to optimize server-side processes.

My distinctiveness lies in the fusion of financial expertise and technical prowess. I craft data-driven, efficient solutions, ensuring that financial systems not only function but are meticulously optimized for business success.

As an AWS Certified Developer, I have experience with cloud technologies, allowing me to design solutions that meet modern scalability and security requirements.

What sets me apart is my capacity to bridge finance, accounting, and software engineering, creating a holistic perspective that empowers me to design software aligned with both technical standards and business objectives. If you’re in search of a developer who can navigate complex challenges, architect ingenious solutions, and harmonize technology with financial acumen, then I am the professional you’ve been seeking.

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