Fullstack engineer with over 9 years of experience

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Blockchain Erlang MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS SQLite Tailwind

Lead/Senior Software Engineer with 9 years of experience.

In my previous roles, I’ve managed a team of 10 developers, built scalable and reliable applications using NodeJS, Ruby, GoLang, Elixir and Java. I have also designed APIs using Rest and GraphQL, and I’m familiar with microservices and serverless architectures.

I am always looking to learn and adapt to new tools and technologies!

Skills: Node.Js | Javascript | Typescript | Go | Elixir | Ruby on Rails | Python | Java | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Redis | Kafka | AWS | Lambda | SQS | GCP | Docker | Kubernetes | Serverless | GraphQL | RESTful | JSON | gRPC | Fullstack

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Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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