More than 15 years of experience growing business and more than seven years working with Elixir.

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My name is Adrián, and I’m an experienced Elixir developer with over seven years of experience in Elixir. I have run my company for 15 years, developing software for several European startups and working on our products.

I’m well aware of the challenges of software development, and I’m passionate about it.

I understand the importance of code maintenance in ensuring the longevity and stability of a software product. I have experience in writing and maintaining Elixir code, and I can help ensure your codebase is clean, efficient, and easy to maintain over the long term.

Scalability is a critical consideration for any product, and Elixir is known for its ability to scale well. However, scaling an Elixir system without the necessary experience and resources can be challenging. My expertise in building scalable Elixir systems means I can help ensure your product can handle increased traffic and usage as your company grows.

As a seasoned programmer with over seven years of experience in Elixir, I am well-versed in using Phoenix Framework and Phoenix Live View and data ingestion. I’ve also completed several IoT projects using the Nerves framework, including one for a physiotherapy center with a Phoenix interface on a Raspberry PI 3. I’ve even written several articles about how I set up that project because it was the beginning of the Nerves project.

In my quest to master Elixir, I’ve read countless books on the subject, such as: Thinking functionally Concurrent data processing in Elixir Elixir graphs Real-time Phoenix Deploying Elixir Programming Ecto Programming Phoenix 1.4 Programming Phoenix LiveView Metaprogramming Elixir Adopting Elixir Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix The little Elixir & OTP Guidebook Take off Elixir I’m especially drawn to the functional programming paradigm that Elixir embodies, and I’m always excited to discover new ways to leverage its power.

I am passionate about managing Linux systems and love working with bare metal machines. While I’ve used tools like Puppet and Salt in the past, Ansible is my preferred option for managing these systems effectively. While I have experience creating Kubernetes clusters, they can be quite complex to maintain and often aren’t worth the effort.

I like optimizing database performance, including creating backups with Barman, setting up hot standbys, and implementing performance enhancements wherever possible.

As the CEO of my own company and a CTO for other startups, I have a wealth of experience in project management. I understand the ins and outs of project cycles and have helped numerous companies achieve growth and success. I’ve worked on projects for Google in the past and have seen firsthand how rewarding it can be to watch a company flourish. To hone my skills in this area, I’ve read many books on project management, including: Rework Remote Getting real Competing against luck From single to scale Will it fly Building a storybrand Atomic Habits … and many more

I am intensely interested in AI and have completed a “Deep Learning Specialization” course from, with the maximum qualifications. Additionally, I have experience working on and training AI projects related to TTS using Tacotron2. The field of AI is endlessly fascinating, and I’m constantly striving to deepen my knowledge and expertise.

As an experienced project manager, I understand the importance of a well-run project. I have worked with companies of all sizes and have helped them grow and succeed. With my knowledge of Elixir, I can help you deliver your product on time and to the highest possible standards.

If your company is starting to adopt Elixir, I understand the challenges. When it comes to adopting Elixir, can be a complex process, especially if you need to become more familiar with the language or the Phoenix Framework. However, my experience working with Elixir means I can provide the support and information necessary to make the adoption process as smooth as possible.

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