A developer who likes to tinker with computers, robots and plants :)

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I’m a software developer with over 6 years of experience developing soft real-time end-to-end systems in domain areas like FinTech, ERP and e-Commerce. Besides BEAM VM, I also have experience with languages like Swift, Java, Go and C++. I’ve also worked on some open-source projects like the Linux kernel, KDE and Kiwix.

I’ve been working with Elixir since fall of 2019, and since then I’ve learned this language and developed soft real-time systems at unprecedented speeds. It took a while getting used to the functional paradigm in the beginning, but its amazing what you can do with it. Elixir truly makes hard things easy (conditions apply).

What do you do in your spare time?

  • At present, I’m designing a chatbot for booking travel tickets quickly in India and also a gym trainer buddy, using GPT, LLaMA, LangChain, WhatsApp Business and of course, Elixir.
  • Besides hobby projects, I’m also an avid cyclist, an adventurer and a crime-fiction enthusiast.
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Chandigarh, Punjab, India

03:11 AM

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