Software Engineer fluent in Elixir

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💾Hi there!

I am a developer building solutions through software since 2019 and passionate about solving problems.

I have worked in several sectors, such as KYC, page development using CMSs such as WEM and AEM, accessible applications aimed at the visually impaired, but my main experience is in banking applications.

I specialize in: 🛠️ Requirement and technical specification 🛠️ Technical documentation 🛠️ Software development and maintenance 🛠️ Architectural decisions collaboration 🛠️ Agile methodologies

My goal is to develop myself technically to occupy a technical leadership position in high-impact projects.

I am fluent in Elixir and have a lot of experience with its ecosystem, having already used it for applications with a high volume of concurrent users.

I also have high technical capabilities with: 🛠️ Javascript 🛠️ Typescript 🛠️ Docker 🛠️ AWS 🛠️ PostgreSQL

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São Paulo, SP, Brasil

09:18 AM

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