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I want to work in Elixir professionally, but I haven’t been successful in finding any suitable offer. Of all the programming languages I have tried Elixir has the magic I lost so many years ago, it’s something special. I’m using Elixir when I have the opportunity for personal projects.

About me

I like to learn new stuff from a technical point of view. This doesn’t apply only to software development but to hardware, music, and probably anything that runs on electricity.

I have loved programming forever. Since I was a child I have wanted to make computer games, I have started playing with PHP and Python and found out that I enjoy programming and decided to do this for fun, study it, and do it as a job. In the end, I tried Game development but unfortunately, my dream crumbled as I found out I did not enjoy it.

After a few years of using Python I have a feeling there is not much I can learn or try. A few years back when I was on the hunt for a new programming language to try, I got my hands on Elixir and thus began my journey with Elixir.

Projects I am proud of

  • Rack server in my home lab - This taught me a lot about networking, hardware, how expensive it is, how noisy it is, and that I should not play with AC current. I am very proud of it and it’s useful to have an environment where I can deploy other projects.
  • Fan controller for rack - This was my first encounter with embedded software. It is written in Elixir Nerves, it just works and never fails - Which is exactly what I need to safely circulate air inside the rack, without fear of burning down my home.
  • Voice altering algorithm for robot - This was a little easter egg from when I was working on programming scenarios for Pepper robot. This robot was supposed to interact with people in a pleasant manner, but it had a prompt that triggered a scenario where it was supposed to scare people by lighting up red and talking in a demonic voice threatening to destroy humanity.
  • Large-scale rendering of personalized videos - This is probably the most punk project I was working on, as it was barely working. But the result was half a million people received unique videos with their names in them and offers targeted towards them specifically (no AI). This was achieved by rendering half a million videos in a short time by scaling and automatization. This project introduced me to Kubernetes and the differences between DevOps and Dev
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