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I created the entire backend part for our 4-people startup at Testair360 in Elixir/Phoenix.

As dev team lead of a web development agency, I brought Elixir into the company’s stack by mentoring a few of our developers, and the latests of our projects were developed in Elixir (+React, +Flutter).

I worked on projects with

  • Elixir/Phoenix, Node.js/Express, Vue.js, and React
  • GCP App Engine, AWS EC2, DigitalOcean App Platform and Heroku
  • PostgreSQL, Google Firestore.

I would like to keep focusing on Elixir, get to know LiveView better, and have part in applications that take off and scale up.

I can and like to communicate with clients. I cannot resist to write unit tests for my code. And I believe in radical transparency.

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Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden

12:19 AM

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