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👋 Hey there! I’m a Full-stack developer with 5 years of experience and a passion for startup culture and team collaboration. I specialize in a range of programming languages including PHP, Elixir, Javascript, Typescript, and Python, and I’m experienced in full-stack web development.

My greatest value to a team is my ability to make sense of things. I love breaking down complex problems into their component parts and then reconfiguring them in new and innovative ways. I’m always observing and watching so that I can identify these elements, and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge.

I believe that ownership is key to success, and I always strive to take ownership of my work and projects. I take pride in delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations, and I’m committed to creating a positive impact for the team and the company.

If you’re looking for someone who is creative, analytical, and always up for a challenge, then I’m your person! Let’s connect and see how we can work together to achieve our goals.

📊 Impact Metrics:

  • Successfully led a team of 2 developers in the development of a new web application, resulting in 30% increase in revenue.
  • Investigated and addressed customer data loss issues by conducting a thorough review of internal processes and data acquisition methods, resulting in a 70% reduction in support tickets.
  • Optimized applications for performance and scalability, through optimizing the code and simplifying processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in loading times.

🤝 Let’s connect! I’m always excited to meet new people, discuss innovative ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Together, we can make magic happen!

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sao paulo, Sao paulo, Brazil


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