10 years Elixir fanboy. Meetup organiser. Conference speaker. BEAM VM internals nerd.

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I’ve been following Elixir since pretty soon after it was announced. I had already been a huge fan of Erlang since 2007 (after some nasty Java shared state concurrency bugs), but didn’t love the syntax. Elixir hits the sweet spot.

Have worked as senior/staff engineer on a number of Elixir projects at different companies, specialising in scale-ups and dealing with the fun “good problems to have” when growing architectures and userbases.

Am flexible, and also am experienced with Ruby, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Go, Rust, Python, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Lua… if it’s turing complete I can probably code it for you. But Elixir is always my sweet spot.

I started the local Elixir meetup group, have spoken there a bunch of times, and have spoken at national and international software engineering conferences on Elixir and other topics.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

07:52 AM

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