A diligent and adaptable professional with a passion for continuous learning and growth

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MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL

More than 8 years of E-commerce development experience (Ruby/Ruby on Rails)

A diligent and adaptable professional with a passion for continuous learning and growth. I bring a solid foundation in network programming and data analytics, with a specific interest in Ruby, Elixir, Ruby on Rails, and AI models. I thrive on challenges and am committed to staying updated with emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

Ruby & Elixir: Skilled in building robust and scalable applications using Ruby and exploring Elixir for concurrent, distributed systems.

09.2017- 02.2019

● Contributed to the development of a microservices architecture, implementing various external services and APIs.

● Designed and implemented push notification systems for iOS and Android platforms to improve message delivery efficiency. (Phoenix)

Ruby on Rails: REST API, 2FA, Twilio, JWT, AWS, S3 (pre-signed url), Stripe (Online payment processing), Cron jobs, Delayed jobs (Sidekiq)

Phoenix: REST API, Websocket, Pigeon (push notification), S3 (pre-signed url), Module plug, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Software Developer Successeve, 10.2020- 03.2024 (Ruby)

Successeve is the only solution to offer a suite of products that allow companies to manage their customers’ lifecycle from signup to churn. Our products, Convert and Retain & Expand, help companies increase their growth by converting, retaining and expanding more customers.

● Ledthe development of new features and services within a microservices architecture, ensuring scalability and reliability.

● Conducted performance optimization and bug fixes, resulting in improved user experience and system efficiency.

● Engineered a comprehensive analytical application for real-time behavioral data analysis, facilitating data-driven decision-making processes.

● Designed and implemented an email tracking system for Gmail and Outlook, enabling detailed engagement analysis and performance monitoring.

● Developed a multi-node database management service to enhance data storage scalability and reliability.

● Established a data pipeline service for streamlined data processing and analysis, improving operational efficiency.

● Leveraged Python’s Random Forest Algorithm to predict churn and conversions, enhancing customer retention strategies.

MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ (RPC, queue), REST API, Microservices architecture, Python, Random Forest Algorithm, Jupyter Notebook, Docker, Cron jobs, Delayed jobs

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