Experienced Software Engineer | Go, Kubernetes, Elixir, CI/CD, DevOps

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DevOps Erlang OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL

I am a highly skilled software engineer with a diverse range of experience and expertise, including Elixir, Go, VoIP, and telecommunication systems. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my ability to deliver high-quality solutions and drive improvements in developer productivity using technologies such as Kubernetes, containerization, and GitLab, and have a strong understanding of DevOps principles and cloud computing. I have extensive experience working with GCP and have a proven track record of effectively leveraging these technologies to develop scalable, high-performance systems. I have held diverse roles such as Tech Lead Platform and Principal Software Engineer, and have a proven track record of providing mentorship and support for onboarding new team members. I am passionate about continuously learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and have a track record of effectively applying my knowledge to solve complex technical challenges and drive innovation

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Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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