Experienced Elixir developer with a passion for building scalable, fault-tolerant applications. Proficient in functional programming and OTP, with a focus on clean code and high-performance solutions.

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I am a Elixir Senior Software Engineer with a passion for building robust and scalable solutions. With diverse industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to every project.

At UnDigital, I reported directly to the CTO, delivering innovative software solutions. I specialized in message queuing, FIFO behavior, and optimizing message handling using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). I developed seamless public APIs for efficient collaboration and integration with external services. Collaborating closely with frontend developers, I drove the development of cutting-edge products. As part of a dedicated backend team of 5 developers, I handled essential tasks like maintenance, testing, integrations, and code reviews, ensuring system stability.

During my tenure at Teya, I collaborated with a team to design a project for merchants. Leveraging technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix framework, Postgres, Microservices, and REST APIs, I developed public APIs and streamlined client onboarding processes. Working with backend and frontend developers, I integrated new products and centralized data for clients, employing Scrum for effective project management.

At Árvore, I designed three critical projects from scratch, serving a platform with 1.1 million users. Collaborating closely with frontend developers, I fostered effective internal communication. I mentored junior developers and developed comprehensive architecture and data structures for a teacher-focused platform, ensuring compliance with curriculum metrics. Through automation, I optimized manual processes, freeing up time for higher-value tasks. Employing technologies like Elixir, Phoenix framework, Kubernetes, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, GraphQL, REST APIs, Elasticsearch, Docker, and Microservices, I implemented diverse features.

I have also made contributions to Bamboo, a well-known open-source Elixir library widely utilized for mail delivery services.

Thriving in dynamic and collaborative environments, I continuously learn and leverage my expertise to deliver high-quality solutions. If you seek a dedicated and results-oriented professional, let’s connect and explore opportunities to work together.

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