I'm a fast typer who likes to code in Elixir

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DevOps LiveView Phoenix PostgreSQL

Don’t worry, I don’t use a mechanical keyboard. I’ve been a developer since middle school when I worked as a remote contractor for a guy who thought I was an adult (I am an adult now). I’ve held several titles over the past 15 years ranging from Full-stack Developer, to Senior Elixir Developer, to Lead Back-end Instructor for a coding bootcamp.

I fell in love with Elixir in 2018 while working for a logging company in NYC, and never looked back. I prefer using LiveView over SPA frameworks where possible, and really hope Phoenix and related frameworks become the standard for most web applications in the future. I would love a position more focused on leading a team of developers, but am always happy to get down and dirty with the code.

As an experienced full-stack developer, I can be helpful and take the lead in every stage of a project from planning and architecture, to sprint planning, to deployment and hosting. My preferred stack is Phoenix, LiveView, PostgreSQL, SASS, and Terraform running on Digital Ocean. But I’m happy to become familiar with whatever you use.

I maintain several open-source Elixir libraries, and try to maintain a healthy work-life balance by playing music at local bars, restaurants, and weddings on the weekends.

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Ogden, Utah, United States

03:19 PM

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