Passionate software engineer with a strong affinity for Elixir and hands-on expertise in CI/CD, Kubernetes, and Docker

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With 12+ years of experience, I am a seasoned Software Engineer specializing in Elixir development for the past 4 years. My core strength lies in crafting microservices within the context of Event-Driven Development using technologies like Kafka and RabbitMQ, coupled with proficiency in working with databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I have led the design and development of modern APIs, encompassing both REST and GraphQL, ensuring they align with industry best practices. Additionally, my expertise extends to leveraging Elixir and the Phoenix framework in this context.

I took charge of multiple microservices projects, focusing on crucial aspects like authentication, authorization, and caching. My proficiency extends to deploying microservices efficiently via Docker and Kubernetes. I have a solid track record of designing and maintaining automated CI/CD pipelines through GitHub Actions and Workflow. Helm has been a valuable tool for me to facilitate the deployment and management of applications within Kubernetes environments. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, I employ Grafana and Prometheus for meticulous microservices monitoring and visualization.

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Harrington, Delaware, United States

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