Software engineer passionated about working with Elixir and Ruby.

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DevOps Erlang LiveView MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL

Software Engineer with experience working with Elixir and Ruby on Rails in different projects from the last 8 years. Also worked with:

  • Microservices context by using patterns and technogies such as Event Drive Development, Kafka and RabbitMQ - PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Design and development of modern APIs (REST and GraphQL)
  • Also experience as a leading engineer helping to prioritize backlog by using methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Companies I worked with

STORD (2022-02 to 2023-01)

Worked at STORD as a Full Stack Engineer (mainly focused on working with Elixir) developing new features and mantaining the services focused on WMS (Wareouse Management System). Also, my role involved helping the team prioritize and gromming/refining tasks and on designing new solutions for future epics and projects.

Bleacher Report (2020-03 to 2022-02)

Worked as Elixir Back-End engineer maintaning and developing new features.

I was working in a team where I had to mantain the monolith service in Ruby and in a MVP project to extract a portion of this monotilith to a new Elixir service responsible for creating and managing articles. I was the leading backend engineer of this project to help prioritize the tasks, identify any dependencies and eliminate any extra effort during this process to build the MVP. Turned the project was successful and we deliver the first version of the MVP.

Also, participated in other projects aside the one above in role more of reviewng PRs and helping making some technical decisions.

Plataformatec (2017-06 to 2020-02)

I worked with different companies that were plataformetec’s clients in different projects as Full stack enginner mainly focused on working with Elixir and Ruby on Rails. Also, worked with agile methodologies, such as Kanban and Scrum. The main functions of my role at plataformatec were:

  • Full-stack web development for different projects from client companies, using mainly Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby/Rails with PostgreSQL.

  • Design solutions for building APIs using REST and GraphQL patterns;

  • Worked with Kafka and RabbitMQ.

  • Facilitator of the enginnering team working with clients to prioritize backlog.

  • Agile methodologies, mostly based on Kanban and Scrum.

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