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i am a junior developer with 3 years experience in software development mostly in fintech technologies. i am a goal oriented young developer who enjoys doing hard things for my personal growth and development. i have worked on major projects in my country like the train management system for our local railway system, this was the first of the kind system to be automated. it was a big challenge for me, beacuse i did i had to learn the operations from bottom up, the terminologies, the process flows and all other complicated railway system formalities. this system is one of the systems that helped me grow as a young developer into someone who is not afraid of learning new things and doing things outside my scope of experience. smartcome is another system i have worked on, which is used for sms notfications and email alerts for all bank transactions a user makes on their accounts. what makes me speacial, is the ability to learn and do hard things. going beyond my comfort zone to adapt to new projects and requirements and always having a persistent mind and engaging everyone besides me to learn and deliver the required products. team work, colloboration, research and enquiry has been my approach in solving challenging problems

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