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During my 7 years long career I have built several applications with various goals and technologies involved (see below). What makes me different is that I have chosen to start my professional career straight from secondary school, because I realized I can gain much more knowledge and know-how then if I would spend 4+ years in college. This gave me a head start that pushed me further up and gave me real experience in designing application architectures, making database-first applications, writing readable, maintainable and also fast Web APIs, Composing clean UIs with effortless UXs. I also had opportunities maintaining these software solutions that I wrote (with a little help of course - I am not going to take all the fame) which further boosted my experience (realizing what I have designed poorly so I could fix it, overcome it, and move on).

Projects I have been part of:

  • Document management hub:
    • Technologies used: ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Vue, Svelte
    • This hub manages documents including restricting documents using ActiveDirectory groups and users and scoping the documents into categories
  • Signature collector application:
    • Technologies used: ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Svelte
    • Application for collecting “approvals” from employees from various pages
  • Communication publishing workflow application:
    • Technologies used: ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Svelte
    • Portal for drafting and workflow approving company communications aggregator
  • Account initialization application:
    • Technologies used: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Svelte, Azure GraphAPI, AdminLTE UI framework
    • Management over new employees to allow them simple account initialization under one roof
  • Addresses validation hub:
    • Technologies used: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Svelte, AdminLTE UI framework
    • Application for unifying addresses across various clients’ systems to bind all address-related data into this system for simpler management
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