Team player, Senior Javascript developer, Elixir enthusiast.

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PostgreSQL Tailwind VueJS

I am a software developer with more than nine years of experience, primarily specializing in JavaScript as a programming language. My expertise extends to working with MongoDB and PostgresSQL for databases, NodeJS for Back End development, and React, Webpack, Jest, Cypress, GraphQL, REST APIs, VueJS, NuxtJS, and CSS, SASS, TailwindCSS on the Front End side. I have a track record of developing products for various sectors, including Real Estate, SEO, and the bank loans market.

My experience includes creating integrations with third-party services through API implementations, GraphQL and SOAP. I’ve worked with services like Stripe, Google services (such as maps and authentication), and developed listing directories for small businesses, all using NodeJS. On the Front End side, I excel in VueJS and NuxtJS, with a keen focus on optimizing product performance.

I strongly value teamwork and believe that collaborative efforts yield better results than individual endeavors. Moreover, I am a firm advocate of client/user-oriented product development, considering it a fundamental aspect of the process. As part of my personal philosophy, I believe in the power of knowledge sharing to enhance technical and personal growth. To that end, I actively participate in co-organizing study groups like MedellinJS and conferences such as JSConf Colombia.

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