Full-stack web engineer. Elixir, Rails, React

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I started in 2006 – long before the Internet became this popular product platform. In my journey, I had opportunities to work on web projects in different industries – from content-heavy domains like e-marketing, e-publishing, and e-learning, to data-heavy domains like e-commerce, adtech, legaltech, fintech, and even online streaming.

In 2015, I started my journey in the remote-first culture, and I’ve worked fully remotely since then, adapting my routine and spaces to leverage its strategic advantages while dealing with the inherent challenges of this new type of work.

Today, I’m primarily focused on building real-time web systems using Elixir, Ruby on Rails, React, and Node.js – from Full-stack Apps to highly interactive SPAs to HTTP-based REST and/or GraphQL APIs.

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Fortaleza, CE, Brazil

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