I'm a wholesome dev - software is written for people by people; let's not ignore people

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During my career I dabbled with a lot of things, over “classic” Java development, to mobile and responsive web apps, over to building large scalable and resilient backend systems. I prefer my programming languages functional and I’m deeply in love with the teachings of domain-driven design.

I’ve both experience as an individual contributor and team lead, and have been involved in successful restructurings of teams to deliver working software under a tight deadline. Communication, compassion, and knowledge-sharing are all important topics for me, and I like to think about how we can use them to build a better and more productive place to work.

In my free-time I’m a loving parent and avid roleplayer. I read a lot, love a good science fiction movie and like to engage in thought-provoking conversations from game design to system architecture or the meaning of life.

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Cologne, NRW, Germany

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