18 years in Software Engineering, 7 years with Elixir

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Max combines his excellent process and specialist know how very well with his strong focus towards a solution. Keeping his promises made him a reliable and trusted business partner at all management levels.

Really superb freelancer. Went way above and beyond, excellent communication and skills. Will definitely work with Max again!

Entrepreneurial Software Engineer with 18 years of innovative software development. Expert in Elixir and Ruby on Rails with a deep understanding of SaaS business models. Successfully founded and operated a fully remote, geographically distributed software company. Blend of technical mastery and strategic business insight.

I’m confident in my ability to deliver resilient, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. I focus on clean and maintainable code.

In my portfolio of projects, I have:

  • Multiple SaaS solutions for information management, approval workflows, online bidding, data enrichment, and automation of various business processes.
  • Online real-time collaboration platform for group decision-making.
  • Website engine that enabled efficient development of diverse web projects.
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Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia

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