Seasoned Engineer with startup hyper-growth experience (10+ yrs.)

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DO NOT hire me if:

  • you are looking for the fastest developer around;
  • you don’t care about code best practices.
  • you need a tough-to-work-with leader

Hire me if:

  • you’re looking for an engineer you can rely on in tough times
  • you aim towards high-quality solutions in a highly-dynamic environment
  • you demand (and offer) transparency and proactive communication
  • you need someone who can quickly step up to leadership roles when growth hits
  • you like bullet points 😉

In over a decade of software development, I’ve touched Elixir, Erlang, Python, Javascript, Obj-C, and Swift in multiple capacities but primarily on the back-end.

I’ve worked in consulting, network communication, betting, blockchain, fintech, and compliance. I joined big companies, startups being acquired by corporations, startups remaining startups, and startups rising to unicorn-level and then falling into bankruptcy.

I’m not afraid of change, I love software development, DIY, repairing, and all sorts of practical activities.

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Kraków, Lesser Poland, Poland

12:49 AM

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