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With roots in Brazil and professional endeavors stretching from Miami to Japan, my journey is as diverse as the tech stacks I’ve mastered. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been deeply immersed in full-stack Elixir development and have come to truly appreciate its capabilities, as such I’m looking for work that uses it in their tech-stack.

  • 🛠 Technical Skills: My adaptability as a developer is evident in my work. From transitioning platforms to Elixir or refactoring from GraphQL to a RESTful API (and vice-versa), I’ve consistently shown a willingness to learn and grow. My skill set includes Javascript, Typescript, Golang, Elixir, among others, and I’ve worked extensively with frameworks such as ReactJS, React Native, and Phoenix liveview.

  • 🌎 Languages and Culture: My experience isn’t limited to just tech stacks. I speak English, Portuguese, Japanese, and German, which has greatly helped me in collaborating with diverse teams and understanding different user perspectives.

  • 🎮 Project Highlights: I take pride in the projects I undertake. Whether it’s reviving an old web game in a modern format or developing an award-winning Game Jam entry, I’m always committed to delivering quality. Projects like ‘Rainbow Block Breaker’ and the recognized ‘Level Up My Dudes’ are just a few examples.

  • 🌱 Beyond Coding: I believe in using technology for a broader impact. My collaboration with PichaEats, which supports refugees in Malaysia, reflects this commitment. Every project is an opportunity to make a difference, no matter how small.

I am actively searching for Elixir-related roles that might offer sponsorship or relocation opportunities, as I’m eager to further deepen my expertise in this domain.

If you’re seeking a developer with diverse experience, technical expertise, and a particular passion for Elixir, I’d be excited to contribute.

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Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

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