Elixir Full Stack Developer (React JS, Next JS, Phoenix LiveView)

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LiveView OTP Phoenix ReactJS Tailwind

I have been a software engineer for 10 years. My professional career focuses on Elixir, JavaScript, and Typescript. I have excellent experience with ReactJS, Next.js, and Phoenix. Elixir is a big part of my daily life for creating high-performance products and APIs. My primary operations are in financial systems and the development of content and sales management systems. I am interested in using Elixir OTP for creating fault-tolerant distributed systems and micro-frontend patterns.

Front-end: Next.js – ReactJS – Bootstrap – Redux – TypeScript – Phoenix LiveView - Tailwind CSS – Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Back-end: Elixir/Phoenix (more than 5 years)

Database and ORM: Ecto with PostgreSQL – Redis – Mnesia (Erlang runtime ETS)

Mobile: Familiar with Swift (SwiftUI)

Interests: Domain-driven Design (DDD), Distributed System.

Test: Unit testing, Jest and React Testing Library

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Amol, Mazandaran, Iran

12:23 AM

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