+4y experience with Elixir, +9 y of experience as a developer. DevOps, Microservices, Architecture, Quality, TDD and more

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I’m an Elixir fan, getting to my 10th year developing software as a profession. I’ve been a tech leader working with C# in the past, and have been interested in Elixir and Phoenix since 2019.

Worked for companies in the e-commerce, fintech, charity and procurement ecosystems, always demanding quality on code, from architecture and design patterns to clean code and PR reviews.

Unit testing and TDD are part of my routine when developing and is something I deeply care about.

Experience with microservices communicating using event-driven, fault-tolerant architecture using RabbitMQ with Elixir (Conduit framework). I also have relevant experience with GenServers and LiveView.

Besides being an Elixir backend developer from 2020 to this day, I have worked extensively with Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration pipelines, helm charts, cluster management, and many tools that are part of the DevOps methodology since 2017. I have also worked with React on the frontend since 2020, and also have some experience with Ruby, Python and Vue.js.

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Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil


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