Developer of fault-tolerant, scalable, distributed and responsive systems

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AI/ML Blockchain DevOps LiveView MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL SQLite Tailwind

Started my career as a full-stack intern of a company providing a streaming service while I was still studying computer science. The tech stack there was mainly Python + Angular and SQL + Redis.

As a junior I got the opportunity to develop a sportbooks platform in a company in Barcelona. There I got to work with very senior developers from Erlang Solutions and learned all the benefits Elixir and OTP offer.

Already as mid I tried working remotely for a USA company developing a sportsbook/tragding platform. The project was incredible but decided to come back to Europe as it was too much time difference for a healthy work day.

Then I jumped into the crypto exchange world. In this last position, I learnd about Cosmos and Rust allowing me to integrate Rust to Elixir apps and provide specialized libs to our internal applications.

In a future I’d like to work in a project that really takes advantage of all the capabilities Elixir and OTP provide. Including AI.

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Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

02:16 PM

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