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I’m a seasoned and versatile software engineer and manager. I’ve worked for large corporations and smaller companies, and also startups and scaleups. At every company I’ve worked, I’ve sought to perform my best work and find alignment, knowing that when you’re not in alignment you’re creating friction, heat, and damage. Understanding this became even more important when I transitioned into management, where I learned that what I wanted wasn’t necessarily what was best for the organization or the team.

As a manager, I’ve led teams in migrating from one database or technology to another, payed down years of technical debt in months, scaled up to handle thousands of requests per second, and helped teams rebuild and recover from being managed into the ground. I believe that competent engineers don’t need to be managed as much as they need to be given permission to excel. And I believe that decisions should be made by those closest to the information.

Technology is always changing and I keep an eye on what’s coming next, but with the understanding that my teams still have to deal with current technologies. It’s exciting to partner with companies who are working on next big thing, but there’s just as much opportunity and enjoyment helping companies maintain existing projects. Like any good engineer, I’m looking for interesting problems to solve whether they stem from technologies or people.

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