Embedded software engineer hoping to jumpstart my career in the world of Erlang and Elixir

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About Me

I’m a Computer Science graduate with a passion for software engineering and embedded systems. My expertise lies in languages like C, C++, Python, and Rust, where I’ve delved into kernel and firmware development. Now, I’m eager to master Elixir and dive into new opportunities within its ecosystem.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I’ve honed my skills through hands-on experience and academic projects. From spearheading enhancements for EFI audio output protocols during my internship at TianoCore to leading the development of a minimalist operating system using Rust, I’ve demonstrated a deep understanding of system-level programming and low-level machine instructions.

Open-Source Contributions

My contributions extend to various open-source projects, including enhancing the ACPI Rust library and engineering accessibility improvements for the Mumble VoIP client. Through these endeavors, I’ve showcased leadership, project management skills, and a commitment to inclusivity in software design.

Skills and Interests

In addition to my proficiency in languages like C/C++, Rust, and Python, I’m well-versed in networking protocols, secure coding standards, and containerization technologies. My familiarity with embedded systems and interest in Elixir align perfectly for me to explore new horizons and contribute meaningfully to the Elixir community.

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Minot, North Dakota, United States

07:15 AM

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