Semi-retired software development consultant and international speaker

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Semi-retired software developer/engineer/whatever and international speaker, with over 38 years of experience in a wide variety of languages, systems, domains, techniques, etc. Now looking for part-time work (ideally well under half-time) or brief consulting engagements, remotely or in the Washington DC metro area. Also seeking speaking engagements. Native English speaker, formerly fluent French, good Portuguese, some basic verbal Japanese.

Some hobby or open-source experience in Elixir, but nothing paid yet; looking to break into that now. Paid experience is mostly in Ruby for the past fifteen years, mostly C before that, some Python, some JavaScript (though generally hand-rolled, not with frameworks), lots of hand-rolled SQL (including highly complex queries), and many other languages. Open to learning more though.

Much more of a back-end developer, focusing on correctness, robustness (including security), maintainability, efficiency, and clear and usable, very basic user interface. (As opposed to making things look pretty or fancy, which is not at all my forte.)

Speaking experience includes almost forty past or scheduled conference presentations (including Code BEAM Europe and Elixir Remote Meetup), in fifteen countries so far, mostly in Europe, mostly on software quality or techniques to help achieve it. Willing to speak at conferences in-person, somewhere interesting, with expenses at least mostly paid, in English, French, or Portuguese; will speak to companies on the same basis, but with significant payment beyond expenses, and remotely is OK.

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Fairfax, Virginia, USA

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