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I am mainly interested in backend and good old full stack development in projects where a small team generates a lot of value. I’ve been using Elixir professionally full time since 2016 and previously I did a few side projects for myself.

I’ve developed a few open source Elixir libraries that have a good userbase and contributed to many other community and extended-core projects. Currently I am contributing more or less frequently to NextLS, the next generation Elixir Language Server.

I started my professional life doing consultancy so I got my fair share of greenfield projects, maintenance of other people’s work and client interaction. Then I moved on to product development where I learnt the importance of having a solid foundation and the implications of maintaining and evolving a particular piece of software for years. In retrospective I’m glad that I experienced both worlds as I believe each one of them provides unique insights and experiences.

I started saying that I am mainly interested in backend and good old full stack development in small teams. This requires further explanation. In my professional experience I’ve noticed that small teams can move fast, own the entire codebase and understand the current product’s position and future ambitions. I believe that is a unique competitive advantage: a handful of engineers can compete with much bigger teams, and the result will be as good or even better.

That said, all this requires deep focus on the short, medium and long term product. This is not only technical work but also planning, definition and organisation work. I am a fan of the Shape Up methodology and it has proven extremely useful for some of the team’s I’ve been.

All this is to say that I can not only write software, review changes and organise work. I can also help shaping features and scoping projects. While doing this I always try to rephrase problems as I believe that many times we focus on solving a particular problem without reflecting on whether that problem requires solving or even whether it is an actual problem. Rephrasing problems can help us identify those cases and result in a better product.

I just want to finish saying that I’ve been working for companies based in Spain and USA and I can speak Spanish and English well. If you find me interesting or helpful don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

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