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Appunite Senior Full Stack Developer Jun 2021 - Nov 2023 •Working on multiple external clients’ projects, creating from scratch, including product definition, designs, CI/CD pipelines and implementation using Elixir (Phoenix) APIs, LiveView and AWS. •Spearhead the development of front-end components using React, React Native, and Typescript. •Collaborate closely with UI/UX designers to ensure responsive and user-friendly interfaces. •Mentor junior engineers, conduct code reviews, and enforce best practices in software development.

LLInformatics Elixir Developer / Senior Elixir Developer Apr 2018 - Apr 2021 •Implemented Elixir-based projects for scalable and fault-tolerant backend systems. •Integrate real-time features using Elixir/Phoenix Channels to enhance user experiences. •Created automated testing (unit, e2e) strategies with ExUnit and CI/CD pipelines for code quality and reliability. •Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions that meet client requirements. •Investigated and resolved complex technical issues, ensuring the smooth operation of web applications. •Contributed to the overall architecture and design of the systems. Full Stack Developer Sep 2016 - Mar 2018 •Developed and maintained web and mobile applications using React and React Native, ensuring high performance and user-friendly experiences for browsers, android and ios. •Experienced in Serverless framework with AWS Lambda, Cognito, API Gateway and Node.js. •Collaborated closely with the cross-functional teams, integrating technical expertise with stakeholders at a fast-paced startup. •Actively participated in agile development practices, including sprint planning and daily stand-ups

London Metropolitan University - Bachelor of Computer Science 2012 - 2016

•Front-end: LiveView, React, React Native, Typescript •Back-end: Elixir, Phoenix, Node.js •Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis •RESTful API Development •Real-time Web Applications with WebSockets and Phoenix Channels •Automated Testing: Jest, Enzyme, ExUnit •Version Control: Git •Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP •Cross-functional Collaboration •Leadership and Mentorship •Agile Development Methodology

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