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With almost 20 years of expertise in constructing cutting-edge web applications for a vast user base, I have successfully nurtured and guided teams, designed streamlined architectures that encapsulate complex logic, and independently executed projects from conception to delivery. Taking full accountability for my work, I am an enthusiastic polyglot with a fervent drive to tackle intricate challenges.

Throughout recent years, my professional journey has spanned diverse sectors, where I have excelled in delivering concurrent, scalable data processing solutions using Elixir. My role has encompassed crucial tasks such as revamping outdated applications, engaging closely with non-technical stakeholders, implementing containerization with Docker, team leadership and mentorship, establishing robust testing frameworks, and orchestrating seamless CI/CD pipelines. I have been consistently immersed in tools such as Absinthe (GraphQL) and Oban, frameworks like Phoenix and Ash, messaging queues like Kafka using Broadway, and frequent deployments to AWS EKS.

Before this, I spent close to a decade crafting solutions utilizing Python, Django, iOS/Swift, Flask, NumPy, Pandas, and an array of other tools. I even had the honor of presenting at major national software conferences.

As a seasoned leader, adept engineer, and collaborative team player with an ardent affection for Elixir and its expansive ecosystem, I am eager to immerse myself further in your specific problem domain, technology stack, and the possibilities presented by the opportunity at hand.

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