Software Engineer (Elixir | OTP | Phoenix | Rest, Live Views, Graphql (Absinthe) | JS ) | Technology Ethicist

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I am an Elixir engineer with a significant background in software development and IT services. Elixir and Phoenix have been a part of my professional life for a very long time. I’ve worked on a variety of projects across numerous industries, which has given me a solid grasp of the Elixir ecosystem.

Building Rest/Live Views/Graphql(Absinthe), Web Sockets, and data modeling are the main aspects of my job. Utilizing concurrency, fault tolerance, third-party APIs, high-tech solutions, and applying best practices to tidy the code.

I have experience working with Postgresql, Redis, disk storage, and ETS tables. Additionally, I am compatible with cloud storage. Sometimes we use ConCache, Agents, GenServer, and other OTP components as per requirements. I use Oban for background jobs, and sometimes GenServer alone is enough, depending on the need.

I love open-source contributions. Recently, my PRs were merged into the GenStage and Tesla libraries. I am familiar with the CQRS/ES paradigm (Commanded), Docker, Heroku, and AWS deployment. I enjoy writing clean, succinct, organized code and am driven to dive deeper to uncover logical connections everywhere.

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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

05:11 PM

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