3 Years Phoenix production experience

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Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS

I’ve worked at a 50-developer logistics startup for three years, spending 95% of my time writing Elixir microservices. I’m very comfortable using PostgreSQL and Oban, and I have a working understanding of Kafka. I have written a couple of GenerServer in the wild. Prior to my current role, I worked as a full-stack JavaScript developer (Node, MongoDB, React/Svelte). Some tech that I would be excited to learn: LiveView, FLAME, Zig, most functional languages.

I prefer simple, pragmatic solutions whenever possible

  • monoliths over microservice architectures
  • server-rendered HTML over SPAs
  • larger modules and longer functions over needless layers of abstraction

I’m an American citizen from Atlanta, GA, currently residing in Portugal for fun. I have no problem working on an East Coast schedule, but I need a job that will hire me as an independent contractor. I value a healthy work environment with opportunities to grow over making a huge salary.

Actively looking

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


Prefer remote

Interested in offers

Full time


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