Full Stack Engineer with 4+ years of experience with expertise in building Products using Elixir Phoenix, Broadway, Redis, RabbitMQ, ReactJS and Microservices Architecture.

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DevOps LiveView MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS Tailwind
  • Expert in Elixir/Phoenix framework and ReactJS.
  • Self-learner and R&D driven in startup environment.
  • Participate in Backend and Frontend R&D.
  • Ability to gather requirements and translate them into workflows and design specifications.
  • Developed 250+ APIs across services, Long running jobs with Elixir Oban and Broadway for Scaling and High concurrency.
  • Designed and Developed 3+ Microservices with Workflow documentation.
  • Designed, Developed Rate Limits for all the Microservices.
  • Setup Locust for Concurrency load test for all the Elixir Microservices.
  • R&D and Developed Pubsub and Event Streams with commanded library
  • Participated in Backend and Frontend R&D such as AWS Code Deploy with ECS using Docker image, AWS Location Services, etc
  • Developed Multiple reusable components in Elixir/Phoenix Liveview and React JS used across Services and UI Workflows.
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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