Erlang Developer with 10 years experience worked in highly scaled projects like Hospital Management Software and Telecom Domain

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Senior Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in Full Stack Development using Erlang, Bootstrap Framework and JQuery. Mastered learning Elixir and Phoenix LiveView framework. Expertised in working with No SQL database like Riak and relational DB like PostGreSQL. Have experience in working with message queues like RabbitMQ, caching using Redis and monitoring multi server logs using Splunk. Seeking a challenging role to leverage my expertise and contribute to the success of a dynamic organization.


Tata Consultancy Services Assistant Consultant • Aug 2022 - Feb 2023 Promoted from being a contract employee of TCS through Foray Software to Full Time Employee of TCS and continued working in the same Telecom Project where we fetch data from Mobile and 5G Network Devices which helps in Network Diagnostics. Experienced in integrating and optimising messaging queue system like RabbitMQ and caching through Redis cluster to handle millions of transactions per hour. Experienced in debugging through Splunk logs where logs from multiple nodes are pushed to Splunk. Worked with multiple nodes in multiple servers and used Redis Cluster to cache Node details so that a transaction from certain device can always be handled by a particular node.

Foray Software (Client: Tata Consultancy Services) Senior Software Engineer • Jan 2022 - Aug 2022 Worked as a contract employee for Tata Consultancy Services through Foray Software in a Telecom Project. Experienced in working with microservices where a single transaction to fetch data from Device has to be handled by both Erlang and Java microservices. Erlang is responsible for fetching data from Mobile / 5G Receiver device and pushing to RabbitMQ and Java MS consume from RabbitMQ and store in PostgreSQL DB. Apart from fetching data from Deivce, each Device is configured to send Heartbeat data at regular intervals(7 mins) which helps in Network Diagnostics. Used OMADM protocol for transaction from Device to Server.

YRO Systems Pvt Ltd Senior Software Engineer • Oct 2012–Nov 2021 Played a key role in design and development of highly scalable Cloud based Hospital and Lab Management software solutions called MocDoc using Erlang and OTP framework. Implemented fault-tolerant and resilient supervision trees to ensure high system availability and uptime. Experienced in writing Map/Reduce, Term Regex and 2i queries to retrieve data from NoSQL Database - Riak.

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