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I am an accomplished software developer with a strong background in Elixir and Erlang, specializing in building robust and scalable backend systems. With a career spanning several years, I have contributed to a diverse range of projects, showcasing my expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality software solutions.

Senior Software Developer | Erlang Solutions February 2021 - Present

In my current role at Erlang Solutions, I lead the development of a cutting-edge betting platform. I played a pivotal role in designing and architecting this platform, prioritizing scalability and fault tolerance. By creating efficient APIs, I have significantly improved system performance and user experiences. My collaboration with fellow architects has been instrumental in selecting the right technologies for our projects.

Elixir Backend Developer | Nitka May 2020 - February 2021

During my tenure at Nitka, I worked on a challenging project involving the management system for HVAC Load Reduction Modules. I took charge of implementing communication between Load Reduction Modules and the control system. My responsibilities also included various aspects of the control system, such as backend development, communication components, and database design. I demonstrated my dedication by writing an HLR simulator for integration testing and comprehensive documentation.

With a technology stack encompassing Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, AWS EC2, Docker, and more, I have consistently delivered outstanding results in complex, multifaceted projects.

Elixir Phoenix Developer | Freelance October 2019 - Present

During my freelance work, I have been involved in implementing new features and refactoring legacy code in various projects. My dedication to software quality is evident in my meticulous approach to writing unit and integration tests. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to both backend and frontend development in Phoenix applications, showcasing my versatility as a developer.

Elixir Backend Developer | Savvy January 2019 - Present

At Savvy, I have been an integral part of the team, enhancing the merchant wallet system by implementing new features. Additionally, I took the initiative to create a Stats Collector app in Elixir to collect essential metrics from merchant wallets. My contributions extended to building a Health Checker Elixir app, ensuring the smooth operation of services during deployment and runtime.

Elixir Developer | Quanterall February 2018 - December 2018

My journey in the world of Elixir began at Quanterall, where I took on exciting challenges such as building a simple blockchain during a Blockchain challenge. I also played a crucial role in the development of a Contract Signing prototype for Aeternity Elixir-node. Notably, I contributed to building a Multi-Node Test Framework for Aeternity Elixir-node, emphasizing my commitment to innovation and problem-solving.

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