I make solutions for Tech Teams and Web Development in FinTech and SaaS Industry to improve productivity and their value

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I studied Computer “Science” on primary school, later business high school and finally bachelor degree from Computer Science. Meanwhile I started professional web development about 2007.

Important work details

  • 3 years as Ruby On Rails developer for internal tools for local ISP
  • 3 years as Rub On Rails developer/tech lead/substitute CTO for Palo Alto SaaS platform
  • 6 years as supporting CTO on small startup for security mobile app (location monitoring,…)
  • 5 years as hands-on CTO for payment service provider
  • 2 years as Elixir web developer for Scandinavian q-commerce marketplace

Main focus for last +7 years is on Elixir web development which I’m using in last 2 jobs and a few small side projects. Over the last decade I was pushed to learn how to manage teams, optimize processes in whole cycle of development from management to technical side. As it was hard on beginning but I’m faster learner and now I’m enjoying when I can manage development focused on product together with execution in code. As CTO of Payment Service Provider I integrated over 25 payment methods/providers, helped company to get over 7 licenses from regulator. I have also experience with hiring, teaching juniors or non technical people about relevant processes to their needs.

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Zilina, Slovakia, Slovakia

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