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AI/ML DevOps LiveView MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS

I mix the elixir of founder mindset with tech magic that enables ideas to happen.

I am a full stack software engineer with 14+ years of experience in designing and implementing product powering systems.

I am most excited to build server-side, distributed applications, understand complex interactions, drill down to the essence of the problem and invent solutions that are correct, elegant and consistent. I am always mindful of the product’s big picture and make bold architectural decisions that support it in the current roadmap as well as in the future.

I have an earned understanding of the full software stack, starting from the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD), deployment and orchestration (CI, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes) and ending on application architecture (monolithic, microservice, distributed, “serverless”), APIs and client code.

I enjoy collaboration and find satisfaction in helping others or removing roadblocks for the team. I mentored and taught my peers. I bring enthusiasm to work, have patience with others, and remain calm in high-stress situations.

I am a founder, hacker and activist with a never ending drive to learn. I have spent most of my career in startups and introducing novel products, and I am especially fond of the ones that have a beneficial impact on humanity.

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Warszawa, Warszawa, Poland

02:25 PM

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