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As a Full Stack Developer with a rich blend of experience in front-end and back-end technologies, including Elixir, Phoenix, and JavaScript frameworks, my journey has been marked by measurable successes in performance optimisation, scalability improvement, and user experience enhancement, leveraging the functional programming power of Elixir. I have implemented microservices architectures, leveraging tools like RabbitMQ for inter-module communication, demonstrating the ability to enhance system resilience and improve system performance.

Recognising the importance of code quality, I have achieved complete code coverage of each microservice through extensive testing, ensuring optimal code reliability and maintainability. Additionally, I have designed and managed various PostgreSQL databases, showcasing my expertise in database design and management.

I have worked on multiple projects that required me to develop standardized component libraries with Phoenix LiveView and TailwindCSS, greatly improving interface consistency. With an academic background in Computer Science and Commerce, I possess a unique perspective that allows me to tackle complex software challenges while considering both technical details and commercial viability.

Through continuous learning and adaptability, I have transitioned from a Junior Front-End Developer to a Senior Full Stack Developer. Passionate about using technology to create solutions that make a positive societal impact, I strive to be at the forefront of technological advancement, consistently delivering cutting-edge and efficient applications that contribute positively to our world.

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