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Highly skilled in Elixir, Ruby, and JavaScript. Excellent at coaching Agile methodologies and mentoring. Proficient in remote work, including effective leadership. Passioned about engineering best practices, distributed systems, software architecture, and functional programming.

Accomplishments Recap

  • Implemented the Scrum methodology within my teams.
  • Managed over 20 software developers spread throughout 3 teams.
  • Top-10 Elixir mentor: 320 solutions, 220 students, 130 testimonials.
  • Interviewed over 300 software developers, team leads, and also designers.
  • Joined the Toptal Redesign project and successfully done it in about 5 months.
  • Developed a mobile version of the Groupon website as PWA with offline mode.
  • Reduced the initial loading size of the JavaScript of Klarna Checkout bundle by 30%.
  • Streamlined the cache and reduced rendering time from 400ms to 200ms for 95% of the site.

Recommendations Highlights

“He can listen, understand people and provide support, which makes him a decent fellow and a great fit for leadership positions” · “Sergey created a safe environment in the team” · “…made a great effort to make our development cycle a lot better” · “He is great at both giving and receiving feedback” · “I’ve immensely appreciated his honesty and transparency, it makes working together so much smoother” · “His mentorship was truly inspirational” · “His attention to details is second to none—both when it comes to producing the perfect code and the perfect visuals” · “…as well as his focus on clarifying and sharing expectations with those around him”

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Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden


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