Backend consultant for small businesses to Fortune 500

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AI/ML DevOps LiveView OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL Tailwind

I am a self-employed Software Engineer with 20 years of Experience in the field. I’ve done freelance consulting for everyone ranging from small business to fortune 500 and major social networks.

I’ve done almost exclusively Elixir in the past 4 years, focussing on LiveView and Phoenix.

Most of the Elixir projects i’ve done are Internal Business Platforms that solve one or many business cases for clients.

Apart from that i have some public Elixir projects:

  • - my company website (tuned for a german audience)
  • - ChatGPT based anomaly detection for Excel and CSV Data
  • - german IT Security Audit platform (TISAX, BSI, etc.)

I also tend to implement client libraries in Elixir, which can be found on my GitHub profile.

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Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany

05:12 PM

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